THE MUSIC STAR (4th part)



Grammy, Satanic worship, performance by Nicki Minaj


The various deities involved in their initiations are featured in their stage shows. The stardom gives all the glory to Lucifer, their spiritual mentor. This is the proof that Satan has truly taken over the music on earth. The deification he sought in the heavenly assizes in vain Lucifer has deceived the stars of the earth to give to him on the stages of earthly platforms and in their studios. The blatancy of demonic worship is featured at the opening of the Olympic Games, Grammy Awards, Super Bowl and other crowd pulling shows. Satan must really show off – his vanity, of course!

To the likes of Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Angelique Kidjo, Beyoncé, Jay Z etc., who have paid the demonic dues, belong the globally prized trophies of the Grammy Awards. At the awards a cultic display of diabolism and worship take the centre stage before the full glare of all. Satan is truly happy as he triumphantly roars, “I’ve really, really made it. This is my deification!” This is why they cannot afford to give the honour of stardom to anyone who will truly, from his or her heart, glorify Jesus Christ.





Jay Z



Think thrice before you dive into the music world. Lucifer is jealous of your stardom. It must be sanctioned by him. Make sure your pastor constantly counsels you, so that you do not end up being frustrated. Many of the stars of music started singing, just like Lucifer, in the Church. We know of Whitney Houston, as a member of the choir in church even when she was just a child. Kathy Perry’s Christian paternity (a pastor of a church) is totally against her demonic unionism. She sang in churches before recording her first Christian music as a teenager. At sixteen, R&B singer, John Legend was a church’s music director. Usher and Brandy started their musical carriers in God’s house as well.

So, what happened to them? Lucifer happened to them. He lied to them. Induced them with vain glories. Of course they display all the huge amount of money, cars, clothes, trophies and glorious fame. What they will not dare tell you is the unimaginable price each one of them pays. When Satan offers you anything he makes sure you pay dangerously. But the Bible tells me in Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it”.

Did I not see Destiny’s Child before a rendition of “I Surrender All”, when Beyoncé (I believe) said, “We (the group) love to sing in praise of Jesus before every show”? Fela was brought up by a famous, no-nonsense Bishop father of a Church. The song which brought D’banj (of Nigeria) to fame was in praise of the God of Christianity. Today, D’banj wears the Illuminati gold triangular necklace and shamelessly displaying his signature trademark of his long arm and fist (emblematic of his penis -sex is a ritual in esoteric covens). A very young and promising Nigerian star (who reminds me of Justin Bieber) calls himself ‘Wizkid’. I am really sorry for this boy, who started by thrilling Church worshippers. His name, as a music star, is of wizardry. Cool? Nay, it is a course to a disastrous waste, similar to his Lucifer’s capitulation!

150209-illuminati__0                                     Music concerts have become Lucifer’s church



I hear that great and powerful gospel singers are members of Illuminati, and that it is especially those who perform at TBN. Should this surprise us? Definitely not. Have you read Ezekiel 8:3-17; John 6:70 and John 12:6? We should be wary of the music we listen to. Satan has taken over and has turned the music videos to pornographic shots, and made the lyrics to be fraught with vulgarities. (Concluded part)

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THE MUSIC STAR (3rd part)



                                                Elvis Presley  

Bob Marley ruled the world of reggae. His lyrics, as highly philosophical they have always been, stopped moving me because I have studied the philosophy of Jesus. Bob would not sing in a eulogy of his Maker. The god he knew provided him with the natural grass, which he puffed at all his days, and dying at a tender age of brain tumour. Did he sell his brain, for he was such a brilliant thinker? What terminated the life of Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll? Drugs! Too bad, it was too late for the greatest of them all, Michael Jackson, evidently, in his own right, the king of pop, before he realize that he was dining dangerously with Satan. Lucifer killed Michael Jackson. Osibisa, the best African rock group, was no doubt a school. One of the Nigerian members admitted that there was no way one would join Osibisa and will not be an indian hemp smoker. The zeitgeist behind world music pushes music stars to get high on chemical substances before every show.




                                       Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse did not see it coming. You wonder how and why such an inestimable asset to the music world will delve into destructive ways (of booze and hard drugs) which cause pains in the hearts of loving fans. Lucifer raises them only for destruction – period. Madonna was making frantic moves to keep her growing daughter from her past vulgar excessiveness on stages and video shots. This woman is reported to have built a five-million-dollar temple for Cabbala worship.


                 Madonna dressed as an Egyptian goddess (another ritual)

Madonna has been conscripted into the choir of Lucifer. Destiny Child got disbanded and the most active of them was shot into a greater stardom. She is married to an artiste believed to be the foremost initiator into the Illuminati. Even when they came together to feature in Michelle William’s, “Say Yes”, a gospel song, in a eulogy of the divinity of Jesus, my pastor warns against the playing the beautiful hymn in church: Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle William’s Satanic engagement cannot be trusted not to pollute Christians! Rihanna and Shakira went as far as performing the act of lesbianism in a music video. Satan knows what he is doing. Satan will, sadly, not tell you where he is taking you. Lady Gaga and other huge female music stars always put up stage show acts which happen to be calls to the complete Satanic worship. The glory of most of the music stars is Luciferian: flashing the cultic symbols of the Illuminati.




                              Kanye West

Kanye West, who is believed to be the current most influential artiste, hates and pokes fun at Jesus. History teaches him nothing. The lost dog will not hear the warning whistle of the hunter, his master. The real truth behind his disrespect for Jesus stems from the very reason why most artistes lead unholy lifestyles. They have been initiated into the cult of Masonry Illuminati. This, evidently, is the occult that will usher into the world, the inevitable catholic rule of Satan’s Antichrist. The whole world will worship the Devil through his antichrist, the son of perdition. An unprecedented syncretic religion will emerge with ease to prove that all religions of the earth are satanically sourced. The initiated musicians’ lyrics are laced with wicked incantation which pulls the mammoth crowd of fans, who become worshippers of the spirit behind the music stars.



                                     Miley Cyrus shoots her tongue on purpose?


   Kali, the Hindu goddess (observe her tongue)

Fela was an Ifa idol worshipper. He commenced every show with the sacrificial slaughter of a chicken in his club which goes by the name “The Shrine”. Miley Cyrus shoots out her tongue in an ADORE(ation) of the Hindu most destructive goddess, Kali, of India. Madonna is an avowed Cabbalist. Angelique Kidjo is spiritually tended by the syncretism of her Benin Republic voodoo ancestry and Catholicism of the Romish church – doubly cultic. The music stars have, over the ages, been used to project satanic influence. (…to be concluded…)

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